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Friday, May 24, 2019


Our Restaurant

Telendos Climbing Sectors


Our Restaurant

Mrs Soulas Kitchen.

All dishes are prepared from the garden and of course the fishing boat of her son George, who supplies the restaurant with a choice of fish throughout the year.

The dishes you must try is fresh tuna, soup, octopus meatballs, which like these you have not tried better anywhere, lamb stew and of course moussaka made with her own cream.

Because she cooks in exactly the same way her mother taught her, Mrs. Soula makes the cream with flour and butter and when cooked, the aroma from the oven leads every passerby in the kitchen.

The restaurant Barba Stathis is open all year for the past 25 years. The daughters of Soula Sevasti, Julia and Maria help Mrs. Soula at summer, when many tourists arrive as well as her husband Mammas Koutouzis.

If you decide to come to Telendos and want to try her delicious dishes, you can book a table on 22430 47954.

Our restaurant also organizes weddings and christenings.